Digital Resources for Students

At Clearview Elementary School, we embrace technology to empower student learning! Our FCPS digital resources library provides students with a variety of engaging and effective tools to support their academic journey. From sharpening math skills with ST Math to diving into captivating stories on MyOn, students can access these resources anywhere, anytime. Whether exploring coding concepts with Code.Org or honing research skills with World Book Online, Clearview leverages technology to create a dynamic and personalized learning experience for every student.

Here are some resources that our students use regularly. 


tumble book libarypicture of clever app logo   Lexia Core 5 logoST Math

google appspioneer valley logo fcps online

myon  (Type "Clearview" under School Name and select Clearview Elementary School) 


Internet Safety


Language Arts




Keyboarding and Mouse Practice

SOL Practice

Questions about digital learning resources at Clearview?