Digital Citizenship

At Clearview Elementary, we believe that all stakeholders hold a shared responsibility in ensuring that our students develop into positive digital citizens. It is critical that we continue to engage students in the development of an ethical and healthy digital identity that is cultivated through an understanding of the complexity and ever changing culture of the digital world. At Clearview Elementary, we are centered on ensuring that our stakeholders and students see digital citizenship as “the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior in regards to technology use” and that our students begin to understand what this looks like (Ribble,2015). 

FCPS Digital Citizenship Main Page

Digital Citizenship can be described as the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior (and its positive and negative impact on self and others) with regard to technology use.

FCPS Digital Citizenship: Shared Responsibility

Ensuring that students learn to use technology safely, responsibly and ethically is a shared responsibility.

Digital Citizenship Resources for Families

It's important for parents to help their child become safe, ethical, responsible and respectful digital citizens. To do that, you’ll use the same successful parenting strategies you’re already using. FCPS is providing these resources to support family learning and conversations.

Digital Citizenship Resources for Students

Digital citizenship information for students.

Common Sense Media - Digital Citizenship

All students need digital citizenship skills to participate fully in their communities and make smart choices online and in life.

FCPS and Internet Content Filtering

Highlighting the steps FCPS takes to satisfy the requirements of the Children's Internet Protection Act.